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Nother song

2008-12-05 09:59:51 by PlasmaDragon13

So i've got a little slow song called the "Song of time ~Plasma". It wasn't really supposed to be a song, more of a little project i was working on. I think it's pretty good considering i did this in under half an hour.

I hope you like it!

~Edit~ Okay what the fuck. I hate people who rate things that they do not like. The song is a about 1.82 now and it's bull shit. It's not that bad but people who dont like the genre keep fucking up my ratings. IF YOU ARE GONNA LEAVE A 0, 1, or 2, explain why you dont like it!

Oh and I would really apreciate reviews in general. How am i supposed to get better if people don't tell me what I'm doing or if I'm goin wrong!

Have a wonderful fucking week.

~Edit2~ Okay. I've cooled down now, and made another song. It's better than the song of time. My points above still stand, but I'm less angry about it because it wasn't that good a song. If only people read the description of the songs. *sigh* oh well. Enjoy Plasmic Beat!



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